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Why do so many men fail at online dating?

If you have ever messaged women online, then you understand that getting a reply does not happen as often as you want.

You may have only messaged the really attractive ones. But after a while, you figured they are only looking for the really attractive guys.

So you decide to message the decently-attractive ones. The type that you can still be happy showing off to your mates.

But even they don't reply. If they do, they often give mono-syllabic answers. That, or the conversation dies after a few emails. Emails in which they don't seem very enthusiastic either.

You know it's not about your looks. After all, you've been with women of such quality before. Some of your female friends even think that you are good-looking.

But the lack of replies breaks your confidence, and you inevitably question your own attractiveness. Is every woman on these sites looking for a George Clooney?

The answer is, in fact, right before your eyes – it is about your presentation.

Jiron Tan
Founder of the Authentic Gentleman.

Jiron Tan is an entrepreneur, a writer, and an online dating coach. He has changed the lives of men with his simple, natural and efficient approach to online dating. His clients have dated air stewardesses, dancers, and models, all of whom came from dating sites.
Understanding How Online Dating Really Works

Humans are visual animals. We will naturally gravitate towards what looks good. Good-looking men do get more attention. But for most men, their lack of attention to detail on their grooming does not allow them to live to their full potential.

Who, do you think, would women prefer?

(Both are the same person, by the way.)

The person you present in your pictures and profile tells a story to the woman.

It suggests the type of personality you have, the lifestyle you lead (which corresponds to what her life will look like with you), and whether you can become her ideal man.

When she sees your pictures and profile description, she's thinking to herself, "Can I feel good around this man? Will my dates with him be interesting, fun and comfortable? Does the person in the pictures sound like the person in the profile?"

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Completing the Transformation From Maybe to Yes

With your profile and pictures handled, there's only one hurdle left before you go from watching Big Bang Theory re-runs alone, to looking deep into her eyes at a fancy restaurant, on a Saturday night.

That hurdle is conversation. Most men think they've got conversation handled. The truth couldn't be further.

This is how most men attempt to start a conversation:

  • Throwing out a compliment,
  • Trying to find a thin slice of connection through a series of questions,
  • Making a comment (from her profile) that the previous 1,284 men thought of already.

All these usually ends with a question to force a reply, or a manufactured upbeat comment like, "In the meantime, keep up that wonderful smile!".

But there is a much simpler way to win her over – by bringing out the ideal gentleman within you.

This is a mindset shift that self-improvement gurus use to accelerate a person's journey towards success. Method actors use this as well. It is the "Be, Do, Have" Principle.

Like every man out there, you have an idealized image of how you would attract and seduce the opposite sex. This image is a style no one else can replicate effectively, because it belongs to you only.

When you allow yourself to get into that zone, you automatically become that man you've always wanted to be. This shift in your vibe changes your mannerisms, the words you say, and how you say it.

And that's when everything changes.

A Proven Method for Boosting Your Dating Success

How would you behave with the opposite gender if you knew that you were attractive? Take a moment to really, really think about this.

Were you a stuttering mess? Or were you smooth, and knew exactly what to do at every single point?

We reckon it's the latter. See, dating techniques did not exist when humans started dating. So what did men rely on? Themselves. More specifically, attractive men possess good mindsets that makes it easy to attract women.

But these mindsets are the result of experience. Attractive men merely learnt them through trial and error.

And that's what we're here for. To save you the years of trial and errors. Our clients, who worked primarily on understanding these mindsets, noticed that their interactions are:

  • Amazingly more fun and comfortable, with both parties having a genuinely good time and enjoying that feeling of having a deeper and truer connection.
  • Longer-lasting, because the lady enjoys the man's company and the way he makes her feel around him, and sees him as a much better option than the other men in her life.
  • Easier, and they do not have to work so hard at gaining the lady's attention anymore, since she actively contributes back to the interaction.
  • More meaningful, as they understand how to share their core values and beliefs with the lady, thus enhancing the quality of their relationships.
5 Reasons Why Our Method is Awesome






Our authenticity with women gives us an unrivalled lead in the dating game. Every woman who has seen Authentic Gentleman's natural and genuine approach towards women has only good things to say. We are safely approved by the gender we use our strategies on.



Part of the foundations that form so much of our success with women boils down to a dynamic personality and lifestyle. We do not believe in being dour, or coming across as just an average guy.

Men with dynamic personalities and lifestyles will always have an advantage over those who are one-dimensional. Think back to the friends you have who are good with women. And then think of those who aren't. Feel the difference between the two personalities. The vibe of the former is what gives him the edge. That's where you should be playing the game from.



Imagine yourself seducing a woman. How do you want it to be? Do you wish to run a bunch of techniques on her, hoping that she'd fall for one of them so that you get lucky?

Or do you wish for her to be charmed by your personality and words, and get all weak at the knees when you whisper into her ears? And have her gaze deep into your eyes as she closes it and waits for you to kiss her?

We believe in giving you your fantasy of seducing a woman. You want it in style, so do they. Give a woman what she wants – a man who understands how she wishes to be seduced.



Does an attractive man use techniques? He does not. He relies on his street smarts. Street smarts is merely awareness of yourself, her, and the situation both of you are in. We are so effective in our interactions with women because we are aware.

A large portion of our lessons focus on awareness education. If you were aware, you do not need techniques. Instead, you'll rely on yourself. You'll learn to:

  • Recognise opportunities to progress the interaction effortlessly
  • Understand what it means to be attractive to her
  • How to be yourself and still get the lady without having to resort to cheap tricks

Stop encountering barriers along every step of the way. With awareness education, you'll easily side-step issues such as second-guessing her attraction for you, or having to figure out what she's thinking about.



With awareness comes the ability to play smart, not work hard. Why romance a lady for a month before you can get her, if you can do that within a week? By stripping away the clutter in your interactions, we help you invest lesser time in your conversations, but add more emotional connection and investment on her end.

This ensures that the lady helps you maintain the momentum of your interaction, so that it's constantly progressive. When the lady is willing, it then becomes easier for you to lead her in the direction that you've always wanted.

The advantage is two-fold. Which woman doesn't like a man who can lead? She'll find you more attractive, and that adds to your confidence, allowing you to lead with surety. And that inevitably leads you closer to your goal with her.


Nash's Story — Reinventing My Dating Life

Date: 9th January 2014
Location: Singapore City

Dear Future Authentic Gentlemen,

When Jiron asked me to write my success story for him, I was incredibly honoured. I knew him for quite a few years prior to becoming his client. In our circle, he was always known as the master of online dating. If you needed help with getting women to reply to your messages, he was your best choice.

But I never saw how he did it. We never talked about it either. His reputation was the closest hint I had to his expertise.

I have always considered myself a friendly person. I could easily make friends in any setting, be it a bar, a house party, or a random gathering of different social circles. With women, it was the same thing. But if I wanted to take things further, I always ended up hitting a bump.

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