How to Search For Profiles to Get Quick Replies (OKCupid)


In this video, I demonstrate how to maximise your search parameters on an online dating website.

Often times, we fail to notice the minute details on a woman’s profile, and that might result in us wasting our time messaging a woman who hasn’t been on the site since forever.

With this video, you will learn how to save your time by viewing profiles of women who are most likely to reply to you in the quickest possible time. Also, watch out for the extra tip near the end.


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Jiron's attention to detail has given him the ability to quickly pinpoint his clients' blind spots, allowing him to rectify their issues and helping them improve their dating skills at a much faster rate. When he is not busy with his clients, he spends his time helping old people cross the streets. In an attempt to impress the ladies, of course.


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