How to Get Her Number From Online Dating (Part I)


How to Get Her Number

I believe that, as men, we all have our egos.

When we get rejected, it’s definitely gonna hurt. Imagine if you had spent a considerable time chatting up a woman online, and when you finally decide that it might be the time to get her number, she just simply stops replying to your message.

And when you message her again, asking if she had seen your previous message, you’re ignored as if you were a homeless man asking for money and food and free lodging.

That feeling is never good. And I know because I’ve been there. More than once too. (No, not the homeless bit…)

I need not go into how you might feel after that, but definitely, it doesn’t make you feel like you’re anywhere near cloud one, much less nine.

In this article, I am gonna analyse my email conversation logs, so that you have an idea of why I said what I said, and what I did to get her number from an online dating site. The entire conversation ran over the course of a few hours.

The idea is simple – make her like you, and she’ll want to engage in further contact with you.


I have to apologise though, for a start. I accidentally deleted the start of the message while clearing my inbox, but thankfully, it was short, so here it is:

Me: My _________ is a bisexual ;-)

Her: Haha… really? Why, aren’t you lucky ;-)

Me: Yup. Even better if she’s a 77% match, ’cause ya know, doubled lucky number 7…

The _________ actually was a reference to her profile. Without revealing too much, she was referring to finding her soulmate. So I used the specific word she used, and included that in my message to her. Also, her profile stated that she is bisexual.

With that first message, I set the precedence for the tone of the rest of the conversation.

As such, her reply continued off the tone I had set. She suggested that I was lucky to find her. But more importantly, she was playing along, which meant half my job was done.

My response was to add a lil humour to spice things up and keep her interested enough. The 77% match bit was my match percentage with her.

As you can see from the picture, she was curious as to where this conversation was gonna lead. In retrospect, my second message did not set a direction, because I was merely throwing out another bait for her to respond to. But that’s not a big deal, because I already had a game-plan, and I really just needed to lead her through it.

I stated my confidence outright (with a line stolen from The Walking Dead; hah, you wouldn’t have guessed), but in order not to appear cocky, I threw in a line about being possibly insane.

I then went with giving her a picture, something to imagine about. It doesn’t matter whether she likes cheesecake and wine; I already knew how to respond in the event that she protested.

After that, I threw in my belief about everyone wanting fun and great conversation. It’s quite a no-brainer, really. Who wouldn’t want that?

In my e-book, I spoke about stating your beliefs and values in order to get them to build rapport with you, and this is one such example.

And then, to end it all on a nice note, I made it seem like I wasn’t that easy. She still has to play nice, in order for me to make this all happen. I threw in another bait about how I’d find her a girl to play with, in a reference to her bisexuality, and of course… to appeal to her senses.

As you can see from her reply, she “protested” about the cheesecake and the bait I threw out. But that’s not an issue, because I was already prepared for her “protest”.

In my next post on Monday, I’ll show you how I responded to her reply, and proceeded to get her number, as well as that extra tip I promised from my previous post.


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