How to Get Her Number From Online Dating (Part II)


How to Get Her Number

As you can tell from my previous post, I don’t really do a lot to get the woman interested.

I already know that I stand out as compared to the masses of men out there on a dating site. All I need to ensure is that the initial message is strong, and sets a good precedent for her to follow. This is in addition to an already good profile.

This implication and confidence is what sets you apart online. Your interaction with her will change based on this implication which she can’t see, but she will definitely be able to sense.

Now, if you started off slow, don’t expect things to get better in an instant. It can, if you build up a series of strong steps to get you to the next level of interaction. But that means you gotta put a lot of work into your steps, and everything you do has to be on point.

Instead of starting off slow, and giving yourself a mountain to climb, why not kick it off well? That ensures that you do not have to put in a lot of effort towards the middle of your interaction with her.

Believe it or not, when you have a good start, you prevent a lot of issues from coming up mid-interaction, like her ignoring your messages, or just not being receptive enough to your humour.


So, we make sure none of that happens by playing a tight game. We start off with a bang (pun intended), and maintain the momentum.

If you remembered my email conversation from last week, you’d also remember that I was prepared for her to “protest” about my cheesecake and wine offer.

How to Get Her Number

As such, my reply stated that I found it amusing she’d think I would be one-dimensional in the courtship stage. I then threw in a belief about how unpredictability plays a part in romance. This is something most people can agree with, not just as a belief, but as part of human nature. We’re just wired that way. Predictability = boring.

This also implies to her that I understand how things work. I am suggesting that I am experienced. Of course, I never went out of my way to try and imply that. You could if you wanted, but my response was purely based on contingency.

I also took a risk by suggesting that I was referring to a one-off thing with the offer of another woman for her pleasure. After all, no woman wants to be a seen as a slut.

Recognising that fact means I had to adjust my message a lil. I had to give the both of us the excuse that she isn’t easy, but yet leave a door open for her to say yes if she really liked that idea.

And to end things nicely once again, I threw in a core value about a win-win situation, as well as a humour byte about her not crying on me.

Her response was good. Nothing too fanciful, and she was in agreement with my views. Not to mention that she stated she was good with hanging out. This is a high point, which leads me to my next reply.

I stated another belief again about how all of us just want to laugh and enjoy ourselves prior to meeting up, since it makes things better when we finally do meet up. And then I led her to the idea that it’s time we exchanged numbers.

How to Get Her Number

And as you can see, she gave me her number. All these in the span of less than 5 hours, in which I also spent my time doing a lot of other things whilst replying.

A lot of people also ask me how to start off the messaging after getting the woman’s number. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter. Anything goes. But if you wish to keep things out of the ordinary, then here’s that extra tip I promised.

How to Get Her Number

This is a good way to let her know who is messaging her. After all, getting anonymous messages isn’t exactly fun, and having a text conversation starting with a “Who are you?” reply isn’t ideal (for lack of a better word) either.

After that, I threw in another “belief” in order to get her building rapport with me, thus that bit about the “evil corporate plan”. This is something I came up with after noticing that sometimes, our mind throws us interesting ideas that may not be true, but everyone can relate to it. I term it as “imaginary commonalities”. In this example, I am proposing a conspiracy theory, which I am sure she would have thought of as well.

Her reply (“Yea I know!”) merely served to justify my technique. From there, we continued our conversation, and you can be sure it was more than just a good one :-)


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