How to Get Her Out For a Date.


Shortly after the previous 2-part series on How to Get Her Number From Online Dating, I had one of my subscribers ask me how should he ask a girl out on a date after getting her number.

To be honest, I didn’t want to put that up yet. Based on feedback, I know that a lot of people are actually having trouble with starting and maintaining the conversation instead. But having re-visited my chat logs, the process is actually a noteworthy one. So here it is… a snippet of how I managed to get said lady (from the previous article) out.

How to Get Her Out

I always state that it’s best to keep things simple. We do not want to over-complicate the process by thinking too much. If you wanted to ask out your mates for a movie, you just do so without hesitation. The same applies with women.

It’s all about being natural. At the end of the day, you can make the process as smooth as you’d like to, but that’s really just circumventing the fact that you are too afraid to ask her out without getting rejected. That’s why everyone wants to know the smooth way – a good transitional phase that allows you to navigate around the rejection and get a yes instead.

Unfortunately, if your conversation with her sucks, no smooth transition is going to help you get a date. That will then be dependent on her mood, her schedule, and whether she wants you to take up her boring time. But if you are fun and interesting, you will get a yes no matter how un-smooth the process is.

Here at The Authentic Gentleman, we don’t believe in having a woman regard us as her spare tyre. We want to be her main show, the attraction for the night.


Everything we do is geared towards that. That means:

  1. I keep her interested so that she slots me into her schedule WILLINGLY, and also puts off other dates and appointments for me.
  2. I make a good impression on the date.
  3. I follow up properly after the date, so that there’s more to come.

But we’re moving too far ahead of ourselves, so let’s focus on how to ask her out instead.

How to Get Her Out

In my chat log above, you will see that we were talking about something else different before I cut off that conversational thread, and just ask her out. The conversation was going very well at that point, and that was when I felt the instinct to ask her out. So I did. She had a valid reason for half-turning me down, but that’s not an issue. In my mind, I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later.

All I needed to do was keep the conversation fun and interesting, and it will happen naturally.

How to Get Her Out

In my next image above, you can see that we were having a fun conversation, and then she decided to ask about my plans for that very weekend I had previously asked her out on. This was about 3 days after I had initially asked her out. To me, that meant she was asking if we could resume my original plan to meet her.

And as you can see, I just kept things interesting after that as well.

How to Get Her Out

I wanted to hit as high a point as I could prior to meeting her, so on the day that we met, I texted her as well. This is really just to build things up to the point where it gets even more anticipatory and exciting. You’d want the first date to be good, and you’d wanna make a good first impression. The first impression is the first 15 minutes after you meet her.

How do I make a good first impression? By referring back to our conversation just before we met. So that accomplishes 4 things:

  1. A good conversation starter, so that you don’t have to feel like you have nothing to say
  2. Sets a good vibe going for a start
  3. Relieves first-date tensions for the both of you
  4. Allows you to begin the date unconventionally.

How to Get Her Out

I must emphasize a bit on the last point. When I met her, the first thing I did was do the sign of the cross with my hands; that allowed me to get her laughing right away, and it gave a very unconventional start to our date. Most people go “hi, how are you?”, but she gave me a slap on my arm for being full of shit. Which is a good thing.

From there, we just continued the conversation as if we had left it off just for when we meet face-to-face. The rest of the first 15 minutes was spent flirting, what with my ass being bigger than J Lo’s. That immediately sets the tone for how the date was going to be, and I was able to direct the conversation easily towards a more intimate nature later on.

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