Unleash Your Natural Raw Magnetism,
Charm Women in Style, and Become
the Attractive Man Women Dream Of.

Propel Your Online Dating Success to Greater Heights with an Effortless, Real-world Approach
that Naturally Attractive Men Use to Attract and Keep Beautiful Women in Your Life.

Is online dating worth your time and effort?

If you do the calculations based on the statistics above, that's slightly more than 19 million women on online dating sites.

(And that's only in the United States.)

The number of women online searching for a connection is staggering.

Based on those numbers, let's assume a very small amount of single women lives within your city. Let's say 8,000 women. Very low estimate, but let's be conservative.

Out of 8,000 women, let's assume that you only wish to meet the beautiful, quality women. Again, let's assume that number is 700.

Out of these 700 quality women, are you getting enough dates that it actually makes you feel like you will never have a lonely Saturday night ever again?

How Most Men Experience Online Dating

Maybe you've been on eHarmony, OKCupid, or the wildly popular PlentyOfFish. Perhaps you've also tried some dating applications on your phone, such as Skout, Zoosk, and iSingles.

You've probably gotten some decent women to reply to your messages. In fact, you might have even managed to get a few really beautiful women to reply to your messages, and give you their numbers.

Chances are, you've also met 1-2 of them and they are so beautiful. Definitely the type you'd date. But you don't know how to make them like you more than you like them.

Jiron Tan
Founder of the Authentic Gentleman.

Jiron Tan is an entrepreneur, a writer, and an online dating coach. He has changed the lives of men with his simple, natural and efficient approach to online dating. His clients have dated air stewardesses, dancers, and models, all of whom came from dating sites.

To put it simply, you are not a loser. You are a well-adjusted man who is just slightly clueless about how to ace the online dating scene.

The women you really really want to meet and date, they just never seem to reply to your messages. And if they did, the conversation always abruptly ends.

Deep down inside, you know something went wrong. But you just cannot pinpoint exactly what it is. You may even have doubted your own attractiveness. That is annoying though, because you know that given time, women will come to love your company.

And that is true. Many of us are like that – we start slow, but we finish strong. We're not Casanovas, but we have our redeeming and lovable qualities. We just need time to showcase them.

Break Through the Online Dating Barriers and
Get the Replies You Deserve

To achieve that, we have to ask ourselves a very fundamental question – which even many dating experts fail to ask – "what do women want?"

It's a complicated question. But humans being humans, our bodies operate in a predictable fashion. This is why The Authentic Gentleman's approach is so effective. We do not target the mind; the mind is liable to change. We base our approach on the instinctual needs of a woman.

What does a woman need instinctually then? The answer is so simple, practically everyone misses the point – a man.

When women read your profile, the underlying message they might get is... you are not the man they are looking for. They base that decision on a variety of details, and women are sensitive to details.

It might be that you took a "selfie", which spells "boring". The woman then feels that the conversation with you wouldn't be good. In person, it could turn awkward.

Or it could be the slightly over-sized shirts you wear, and the lack of intensity in your eyes. They all tell a story – that you are unable to take care of yourself properly. And that you project zero certainty.

If a man cannot take care of himself, or shows no certainty, how is he expected to take good care of a woman?

But often, it is the description that kills. You might describe yourself as "adventurous" or "fun", and that you "love making people laugh" or "enjoy every moment life has to offer".

Lines like that do nothing to excite a woman. It is a comment that everyone makes. There is no personal touch.

But what's important here is... it does not craft an unique image. It does not make her wonder, "Oh yeah, I can see that he loves making people laugh". Thus, your description becomes an empty shell.

Crafting the Profile That Changes Everything

Now, what if your profile was actually able to make her laugh? She now has proof that you are indeed humourous. It gets her thinking that she can feel good around you.

Or what if, you craft out a short and simple story in your profile that gives her a movie image of you being that adventurous guy, taking her hands and doing spontaneous things like an impromptu road-trip, or a hot-air balloon flight?

That will make her excited, or at the very least, a slight anticipatory about how interesting her life could become with you.

If her imagination is good, she will even feel you without having met you. You have, effectively, showed her that messaging you might allow her to experience positive emotions with you.

More importantly, you have done what every other man has failed to do – you have made her feel with your words.

Exceed Her Expectations, and be That Guy

The simple truth is, she is online to meet someone. But she has an immense pool of choice online, because of the numerous men who would hit on anything that looks decent. Even the men who are halfway around the world will look for her.

As a result, she is pickier, and can afford to be. She knows that as well.

But she still harbours the hope that the man of her dreams is out there, waiting to sweep her off her feet. Otherwise, she wouldn't be on a dating site.

With an impressive profile, you are giving her hope that you might be the one. When you exchange emails with her, she is now hoping – deep down inside – that you can confirm to her that you are THAT guy.

The One Principle to Being Attractive Instantly

A lot of dating systems (offline and online) focus on techniques that makes the woman want to respond to you. This includes creating an illusion of perceived value for yourself in the woman's eyes.

Nothing wrong with that. But it becomes inherently unnatural for most men to apply these techniques.

These men go through a phase of having to "naturalise" the techniques, until it becomes a part of them. But there is a much more natural and efficient strategy, which instantly strips away the need for a bunch of techniques.

This very simple and powerful strategy – adopted and used by some of the most famous self-improvement authors such as Stephen Covey, Zig Ziglar, and Robert Kiyosaki – is the "Be, Do and Have" Principle.

In order to achieve success...

"You've got to be before you can do, and do before you can have."

– Zig Ziglar
Author, Salesman, Motivational Speaker.

While other dating systems get you to do, have, and then finally become, The Authentic Gentleman flips it around and allows you to express the natural lover within yourself.

Every one of us have a fantasy of how we wish to seduce the opposite sex. By tapping into that, you instantly remove the obstacles of self-expression you have placed upon yourself.

This simple paradigm shift quickly changes the way you approach the interaction. Your choice of words becomes different, and she will sense it in the minute details from the manner you talk to her online.

It may not get her to drop her pants immediately, but she'll be relieved and thankful that someone different has finally come along.

Live the Fulfilling Romantic Life You Desire

I have given you a glimpse into our dating philosophy. Our strategies are developed precisely for the purpose of success.

We do not consider getting a phone number a success. Neither is a date.

If you wish to develop a serious relationship with the woman you met from PlentyOfFish, then being with her means you succeeded.

If you wish to date a variety of women casually, your success will be from achieving that goal. But whatever your goals are, the Authentic Gentleman's dating strategies are geared towards getting you the results you want.

Our clients are now living much more fulfilling romantic lives, after having adopted our dating philosophy. The stories that we share privately among ourselves are nothing short of – in the words of Barney Stinson – legendary.

Our dating philosophy is not about getting the woman on a date, and hoping to get lucky. It's about charming women, winning them over with style and personality, and making her want us.

It's also about a holistic approach to our dating lives – becoming a better person, and creating our dream social lifestyle. Online dating is merely an extension of a great lifestyle. But for starters, it is a good foundation to build.

Those foundations have allowed us to enrich our lives with interesting, fun, and memorable experiences that are the envy of many ordinary men. But far beyond that, we have empowered our lives. You can do that too.

What You Can Gain With the Authentic Gentleman

It's no longer just about online dating success. It's about having a deep confidence in your ability to date the women you've always wanted. And keeping them in your life. Here's how you stand to benefit in the long term...

Understand the female psyche better.

Quit wondering why she's not responding to you. Stop being confused by all the mixed signals she's giving. Understand where you have gone wrong, and learn how to correct it. You never have to ask your female friends anymore what it means when she says something.

With The Authentic Gentleman's awareness education, you are building a strong foundation that will enhance what you already know.

See the underlying message beneath her words. Overcome the challenges she throws at you. Effortlessly brush past the hurdles she puts up to deter lesser men.

Hone a strong intuition for a woman's needs.

Listening to your intuition is an important aspect of getting good with the ladies. It is also part of The Authentic Gentleman's foundational training.

Stop questioning yourself as to whether you are making the right move, or saying the right things. With a strong intuition, you will know when is the right time to ask for her number. With a strong intuition, you will even know when it's time to go for the kiss.

Learn to identify the right moments to progress the interaction forward. Exactly the way you've always imagined. Assure her that you are the right person for her, by "reading her mind" accurately. She will be pleasantly surprised at your initiative, and how you seem to anticipate what she wants, even though she hasn't said a word.

Become irresistible and attractive.

No longer question yourself whether you are attractive or not. Stop wondering what it takes to get her to like you. Adopt attractive beliefs and values. Believe in your own appeal, and know exactly what it is about you that women like.

We begin that process by strengthening your current attributes with the "Be, Do, Have" principle. As you develop your ideal gentleman self, you will add more attractive qualities to your person. That is our long-term plan – a holistic approach to becoming the man she's always dreamed of.

Become the one to send her home, and have her invite you in. Become the one that she wants to have around. And become the one whose texts and calls she anticipates.

But more importantly, stop relying on techniques and rely on yourself. You are your greatest advantage in any romantic situation.

Learn the art of charm and win her over easily.

Learn how to come back from the moments when you say something stupid. Breeze through difficult interactions. Win her over by saying the right thing at the right time.

Contrary to most beliefs, charisma is a learnable behaviour. Olivia Fox Cabane, prior to writing her book The Charisma Myth, discovered in laboratory experiments that one is able to raise or lower their levels of charisma by adopting specific behaviours.

With The Authentic Gentleman, we keeps things simple by using a 2-step process. The first step is to understand the concept of charisma, which is the ability to be trustworthy and attractive at the same time. The second step is to become, by tapping into the vibe of your ideal gentleman.

Develop the confidence to handle beautiful women.

Stop having that queasy feeling in your chest when you want to ask her out. Stop feeling nervous before a date. And stop wondering if she likes you or not. Remove dating anxiety for good.

While many other dating systems encourage you to fake it till you make it, The Authentic Gentleman's system focuses on revelation-based training. We start by showing you how simple it is to get a girl to like you. That can only happen through awareness, action and experience.

When you see how simple dating can become, you will notice a shift in your confidence. Instead of approaching dating with uncertainty, you will be assured of your own success. This, in turn, allows you to have more fun, enjoyable, and positive experiences. Which leads to our next point...

Approach dating with a positive attitude naturally.

Numerous research have shown that your attitude is the most important factor determining your success. This applies to dating as well.

With a positive dating attitude, you will not be affected by the challenges women throw at you, or misinterpret certain actions from women as negativity towards you. This difference in mentality determines how you react. That reaction determines the outcome of your romantic situations.

Imagine, instead of being affected by what a woman says, you are able to play on her words and make her laugh instead. Not only will she find you humourous, she'll also find you more attractive.

This has been proven by the Stanford University School of Medicine, whose research findings suggest that women are genetically hard-wired to find a sense of humour attractive.

Success With Women...

"If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything."

– Marilyn Monroe

Increase the quality of women you date.

We all desire to date quality women. Especially the really beautiful ones who seem to have everything going for them.

If you have noticed, there are more than a handful of such ladies whom you wouldn't expect to end up on a dating site. These women are looking for what you are looking for – a connection.

But it takes something special to catch their attention. With an added confidence and a positive attitude in your ability to attract beautiful women, chances are, you will stand out from the masses of profiles.

And it is likely that you will network with these women and get to know their equally attractive (if not more) friends. This leads to a further increase in the number of dates, which enhances your chances of success.

Empower yourself with the freedom of choice.

The full potential of an attractive man is realised when he has more options than he can handle, with the ability to attract and retain women in his life.

Regardless of whether your goal is a long-term relationship, or to date a variety of women, having the freedom to choose is what makes an attractive man stand out. You may or may not indulge in that freedom, but being attractive means you have an universal appeal.

This is the de-facto standard we have for our clients. This is our definition of success.

Rise Above the Use of Techniques, Realise Your Full Potential as an Attractive Man, and Achieve the Massive Success You Want

Truth is, attractive men do not need techniques. They have been attracting and seducing women with ease for centuries. That's the position we want you to be in eventually.

You may not know much now, so we're going to help you shave off the tremendous amount of time that you might spend on experimenting and failing. We are going to present you only our core strategies.

And once you realise how simple the process can be, you'll free flow your interaction, and allow your doubts and insecurities to fall away.

When that happens, you'll no longer wonder if you're doing the right thing, or saying the right words.

You'll just know that whatever you do, there's always a way to come back from it. You'll just know that the real magic begins with you, and ends with the both of you.

That magic is in a set of strategies used in the daily life, and adapted to the virtual world. Those strategies are the same tools you use when you meet the lady for a date. They are your success determinant. They are all you ever need to become a naturally attractive man.

But Before We Show You Our Strategies...

Imagine, Getting Messages and Photos Like These.
How Different Will Your Dating Life Be?

Introducing: Ace the Chase

The Same Strategies that We Use Over and Over Again
to Achieve All Kinds of Dating Success, Including a 3-Some.

Strategy: Gut Instinct
Make the Right Decisions and Grab Opportunities.

No other dating coaches talk about this, or even mention it in passing. This is the most underrated dating advice ever given.

Your gut instinct will not only guide you towards making the right moves online, it will do the exact same and better when you eventually meet the lady in person.

We'll teach you what you need to know about gut instinct, and why it's so fundamental to your success. Learn how to differentiate between your gut and your mind, so that you can use it effectively without having to doubt your next move.

Strategy: Awareness
Understand the Dynamics of Online Dating, and the Mentality of Women Online.

No skillset works without awareness. Even driving requires you to be aware of the mechanisms of the car. With that in mind, we present to you the fundamental differences between the online and offline world, which many men fail to take advantage of.

We will show you the 3 different dynamics you need to pay attention to: the online dating world, her mentality, and yours.

Awareness of these dynamics will help you to understand what she sees on her screen when she browses a dating site, and how she thinks as she goes through her messages and interactions with different men. Avoid the 101 mistakes that men make before and when messaging her.

In addition, we have included an exercise to help create your ideal gentleman self. This exercise will further deepen your awareness of who you are, and give you a clearer roadmap on your eventual ideal self. Do this exercise right, and you will develop the personality of an attractive man faster than you think.

Strategy: The Authentic Profile
Crafting the Ideal You With Words that Make Her Shiver.

It doesn't take a poet to craft words that make her feel. What it takes is the understanding of how to express yourself effectively. Your words are merely a vessel for your personality.

You will learn how to decide what specific attributes to convey in your profile, and strip away the unnecessary clutter. This allows you to paint a powerful picture for her.

We will show you examples of what how a profile should be written, and deviate you away from the average man's bad habits.

We have also taken the extra step of including:

  • The 3 guidelines to make your description powerfully precise.
  • The 4 advanced profile tips to create emotions in her.
  • My own profile as an example.

Strategy: Decoding Pictures
Taking Pictures that Intrigue, Impress and Attract.

A good picture accomplishes at least 1 of 3 things. It must be able to intrigue, impress, or attract a lady. Intriguing enough so that she wants to find more, impressed enough to make her want to message you, and attract her enough so that she'd like what she sees without having messaged you yet.

We'll teach you the psychology behind what captures people's attention. You'll learn what to look out for, the details to focus on, and get a sense of what makes up a great picture.

You will be able to create the perfect conditions and take the right pictures. She will not just want to check out your profile after that, she'll even want to message you without having read it.

Strategy: Creating a Memorable First Message
Writing the Message that Makes Her Reply.

Understand the psychology behind the first message. Learn about the two simple purposes of the first message. Discover why it is not as important as the second message.

We'll also make it easier for you by showing you the 7 Dos and 8 Don'ts of a first message. And finally, learn The Authentic Gentleman's 5 essential types of first messages to send to the lady. (One of these types include the use of humour. And yes, we even teach you how to be humourous!)

Use these guidelines to create a quality message that makes her smile or laugh, gets her intrigued by you, and makes her want to message this gentleman who is obviously different from the others.

Strategy: Conversation Mastery
Giving Her the Conversation She's Been Waiting For.

A lady may like what she sees from the pictures, and she may have given the guy the opportunity to win her over, but the man fails to take it by being boring or lame, or just plain over eager.

We will give you the 4 natural laws of communication that truly attractive men have been using to keep her interested in the conversation. These 4 natural laws of communication will teach you how to:

  • Progress the conversation to wherever you want it to go,
  • Build long-lasting rapport with her with just 2 essential ways,
  • Set up the date effortlessly, and make her want to meet you,
  • Move the conversation towards a romantic/sexual nature.

Our bonus section will also teach you 6 advanced conversational strategies. You will learn how to use her imagination to your advantage, make her seek rapport with you, and many more.

Strategy: Establishing Credibility On the Phone
The Game-changing Phone Call.

Unfortunately for most men, they seem to avoid the phone call. But we understand that the phone call is a superbly efficient way to make her like you more. The conversational strategies you learnt will put you in good stead with the phone call.

Learn the 2 real purposes of the phone call so that you don't become “just another guy on the Internet”. Discover the good times to call her, so that you wouldn't have to reach the voice mail. Learn why it's important for you to set a limited time on your phone calls, so that she has you on her mind even more.

Strategy: The Amazing First Date
Giving Her a Good Time the Simple Way.

Although Ace the Chase is about online dating, we want you to succeed on the date too. This is our bonus section for you. It's our way of saying thank you for trusting in us.

Learn the 4 important things to pay attention to on the date. These guidelines will make or break your date with her.

  • Understand the importance of your dress sense. Looking sharp is more than just feeling good. It also implies who you are.

  • Learn the 3 important body language details that will imply to her that you are an Attractive man.

  • Maximise your chances of success on the date by improving on the most important aspect of your personality.
    (It's something most dating coaches don't even talk about or understand the workings of.)

  • Discover why logistics – yours, hers, and the environment – is the key to whether you go home alone, or with her. Avoid making basic mistakes, and lead her to an incredible evening with you.

Strategy: Learn By Example
Learn How Things Work in Reality.

Nothing helps you learn faster than through success stories. Read about my 8 personal stories from 2007 to 2012, beginning with a simple one-night stand to eventually successfully engineering a 3some through intelligent planning.

Get a sense of the type of memorable dating life you will be living once you fully understand the workings of The Authentic Gentleman. Understand what it takes for you to achieve success the quick and simple way.

Learn from the lessons I personally discovered in each story, including one with an old school technique that I don't use anymore, but is still highly effective in today's context.

These are advanced lessons that one normally learns through experience. Accelerate your learning curve through my personal stories, without having to fail as much.

Try Out Our Strategies For 120 Days... Safely.

Each copy of Ace the Chase comes with a triple guarantee...
and a long-lasting change to your dating lifestyle.

Guarantee #1: Quality

You'll notice the quality advice that we offer in Ace the Chase, from the no-nonsense and extremely informational delivery of the advice, to the highly-efficient and practical strategies that we use for our very own dating success. But beyond that, our personalized attention for you as a client is unbeatable in the industry. Email us whenever you have a burning question, or to understand our concepts better. We pride ourselves on delivering the best online dating product. If you fail to achieve a phone number or a date after 120 days of following our strategies, you are free to email us for a prompt and courteous refund.

Guarantee #2: Remarkable Results

Our clients have experienced results from dating women they claim to be “out of their league”. That's what you will experience too, if you follow our strategies to a T. If at any point, you are not getting the results you want, feel free to email us and we'll analyse your situation for you. We'll even throw in free, detailed advice that will help guide you better towards success. If you're still not satisfied, you will still get a full refund.

Guarantee #3: Deep Change From Within

With success, a deeper change will take place from within you. You will finally be more relaxed and happy about your dating life. Remove the worries and fears of staying single forever, or never finding a woman you truly want to be with. If using the strategies in Ace the Chase does not change your mindset about dating, or help improve your personal feelings towards your dating life, feel free to contact us. We will offer personal guidance that will help inspire you to take better action, as well as offer you the opportunity for a refund. The choice is always yours.

We want you to take your time when deciding whether Ace the Chase is right for you. That’s why we’re giving you the chance to try it for 120 days risk-free. If you decide it’s not the right approach for you for any reason, simply drop an email to tell us that you'd like to terminate your license code, and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund.

Yes, Show Me How to Ace the Chase

Bonus 1
Conversation Analysis

See through my perspective as I show you real-life case studies. With 80 pages worth of information, and over 100 screenshots taken from my own personal experiences, I'll walk you through the entire process from sending the first message to eventually meeting them on the date.

Here are some of the lessons that you will learn:

  • What I Use to Get them Replying to My Messages.
  • The 1 Skill You Need to Get Her to Your Objective.
  • The 1 Lethal Skill that Gets Them Chasing.
  • Why Getting Into a Mundane Conversation is Good.
Bonus 2
Free 1-Year Membership to our Exclusive, Client-Only Forum Sections for Personalised Attention.

The membership area will include more of my personal chat logs, so you will have more opportunities to understand the process from initially messaging them to getting their number.

I will also show you how I maintain the conversation with them up till the day we meet up. And I will explain why I say what I say, and my thought processes throughout the entire interaction.

More importantly for you, it's unlimited access for an entire year to free mentorship. Post a question up, and I'll be there to answer it. I check the forums every day, so you can expect a really quick reply.

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Ace the Chase:
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  • 120-Day Money Back Guarantee
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  • Bonus #1: Conversation Analysis
  • Bonus #2: Free 1-Year Membership to Our Exclusive, Client-Only Forum Sections for Personalised Attention

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What People are Saying about Ace the Chase and Jiron

"I didn't let my physical ability get in the way!"

I think I was one of the first that Jiron taught. There wasn't any e-book to speak of then. All it took were several intense chats between us, with Jiron sharing his tips & experience with me, and me asking questions. Not long after, I scored my first date with a girl I met at a certain social networking site. What follows after that.... I shall leave it to your imagination.

Subsequently, I went on to score more success with the girls online. I must say it's not always smooth-sailing. I am hearing-impaired, and it affected my confidence with the ladies. But with the techniques in place, I am able to be honest about it, and still get them attracted.

When Jiron started writing his e-book, I was again one of the privileged few to give a review on his book. Apart from more content and revelations, nothing has changed much from what he has taught me before. If anything, the book has reinforced what I know about dating. His book is very rich in content with several examples to help you understand.

So if you want to GET GOOD with your online dating, I strongly urge you to get Ace the Chase NOW.

"It completely changed how I spoke to women..."

This e-book is the holy bible for online dating. Being the lazy guy I am, I copied and pasted a few lines from the e-book and guess what, they actually work!

I took Jiron's advice on adding humour and playfulness and trying to customise each message. Immediately I got much more responses than previously and the replies were much more interested. I also followed his instructions on how to lead the conversation and to establish rapport. This allowed me to control the direction and flow of the conversation, and allowed me to spot the high points to get her number.

Jiron definitely knows what he is talking about. The mentality and tips towards women in the book is absolutely spot on. If anyone is serious about online dating, THIS is required reading.

"I didn't just learn to talk to women, I learnt social skills."

Words cannot describe how much Ace the Chase has helped me. I used to be an obese individual with a non-existent self-esteem. When I started losing weight and gained some confidence... I realised that I don't have any social skills at all to meet women offline. Hence I tried out online dating.

It proved to be a daunting task, I didn't know what I was doing, I don't know why girls wouldn't reply to me. It felt worst than chatting up a girl in Starbucks as they wouldn't have a choice but to reply me. I didn't know what was wrong... until I came across this book.

This book is a must have for people who seriously want a change in their life. Fast forward 3 months and now not only am I meeting more girls online than I could ever have imagined, I am able to hold my own in social settings too. Again, I applaud Jiron for spreading the truth.

"My phone battery died because of too much chatting!"

Initially, I was very skeptical about online dating. How hard could it be when it's just talking to women online? I was wrong! Out of every 10 messages, I probably got like 2 replies. And even so, the 2 replies I got ended up going nowhere. I then realized that women receive tons of online messages and cannot be bothered to reply to every messags! And I realized I have to set myself apart from all the other guys online.

Then I chanced upon this online dating e-book, Ace the Chase. I managed to devour it in 3 days, and immediately commit myself to using the techniques in the book on this iPhone application called Skout. I was blown away by the responses I got from women online. The only bad thing about this was that my phone battery went out twice as fast due to constant chatting with women on Skout!

Women are wired very differently from men, they are more emotional and respond a lot more better to humour and witty charms. So trust me, if you are a guy who is totally clueless about humour and sweet-talking online, you have definitely got to grab this book fast!

"Best investment ever!"

This book had me in suspense... Like so many books that I read before, I was really not sure if it would even help me. If you have been through the experiences I have, you would be really skeptical too.

Nevertheless, I took a plunge, took a risk... and I must say that this book has been the best investment I made while trying to improve my social life. Many things inside this book point out things to you that you should really understand.

There are technical points and philosophies in this book, but as I read through the whole thing, I identify with the one very first rule. There really are no rules... that being said, the techniques in here will definitely place you in a position where you can impress :)

The success after this book has been plenty, and therefore, I would like to tell all the guys out there who are like me to BUY THIS BOOK. Once you read it, you will surely recommend it to those who need it.

Trust me... even if you think you don't need it? YOU WILL WANT IT. Many thanks to Jiron for being the one who is different and actually caring enough about his fellow men out there to write this book. Kudos!

"I never thought I'd meet so many beautiful women from online..."

Due to my busy professional commitments, I decided to try online dating in June 2012. Okcupid was the perfect solution, because it was free and you could send countless messages to the tonnes of women. However, I had my fair share of failures/disappointment. I would message countless number of women and none of these women would view my profile. Worse still, I would send a message and not hear any response from these really good-looking women. In 2012, I went on three dates and none of them led to sexual escalation. It was very dis-heartening and de-moralising.

It was when I met Jiron in January 2013, that he told me that the simple solution to rectify this problem was to market my profile. But how? Jiron's ebook is very comprehensive. It is simple to understand and apply. Market your profile in such a way that it appeals to your readers. Make it concise and simple, yet interesting. Upload a picture that is vibrant and makes you stand out from the hundreds of man whose profile pictures are boring. Marketing your profile in a unique way tells the girl alot about you.

After reading Jiron's online dating book, I revamped my profile. Thanks to him, I have been able to meet more women through okcupid offline. It was not just the meet and greet. But the quality of women I have gone out with, has spiced up my dating life. I have women compliment my profile. Women whom I have messaged in 2012 and did not seem to bother about my then boring profile, began to take a keen interest in 2013. I have had great sexual escalations. The best part of it all, after the first date, the women themselves would suggest to meet up with me the following week for a second date.

My most memorable was actually going out with this cute Malaysian Chinese air stewardess. We had a great time tasting tantalising curries and having great coffee. I am currently dating 2 women con-currently through okcupid, all thanks to the principles applied from Jiron's book.

Moral of the story: Just as Rome was not built in a day, I've had friends telling me that okcupid is boring and they find no success. We all desire quick fixes and quick success. Well then, I suggest you to purchase and read Jiron's holy bible of online dating, and start revamping your profile. Take massive action. Be patient and the rest is history. The results you will see will completely transform your dating life 360 degrees. Thank You, Master Jiron.

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What are the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Ace the Chase?

You're Asian, so does Ace the Chase work only for Asian women?


Ace the Chase works for any woman. So long as she is human, and you are not into any animal fetishes, the strategies highlighted in Ace the Chase will work on her.

Our methods are based on understanding the human psychology, as well as the base instincts of humans. Just as how a pretty Chinese woman dressed in a sexy outfit will draw your attention NATURALLY, women of any racial profile will be drawn to an attractive man.

Our aim is to help you become your ideal image of an attractive man. An attractive man will know how to talk to any woman, in addition to an appropriate understanding of their cultural context. If you're white, you obviously will understand your culture's context. From there, you will understand how to customise our material to fit your dating needs.

How are you different from other online dating coaches?


A lot of online dating coaches will tell you that they went through several years of trial and error before discovering that one miracle technique that skyrocketed their success rate. Now, what if these coaches had blind spots that they failed to notice? What if their bad habits were still there, but they were unaware because no one told them about it? Then their experience would be flawed, and as a result, they might be teaching you the wrong things.

In addition to years of personal trial and error, I have personally gone through 2 mentorships with men who are really good with women. Both are international dating coaches who travel the world constantly to teach. They constantly help me refine my methods, as well as catch my blind spots. If there is something new I am experimenting with, I also seek their advice. With such quality back up, you are in very good hands.

I have used other online dating products before, and have not achieved any substantial results. How is Ace the Chase better than any other online dating product?


A lot of online dating products out there focus on executing techniques in order to get the woman to respond to you. What we rely on is awareness and understanding of the female psychology and base instincts, a willingness to improve oneself holistically to become truly and naturally attractive, and intelligent planning. A lot of what we do is merely about having a good gameplan for us to lead the woman from start to end of the romantic process.

It is also with a gameplan that I was able to lead 2 women towards my objective of a 3some. What techniques did I use to get them to agree to it? None. I merely had a plan and I knew how to execute it from start to end.

Will the strategies taught in Ace the Chase make me a weird person, or a pickup artist?


The strategies we use are merely to help you cut the fluff in your interaction, and ensure efficiency. They are also real-world and practical approaches that everyone uses in their everyday life.

Casanovas have been using these methods since modern dating began. Even women use some of our strategies to seduce men, except that it's something completely natural and not taught to them. We're merely bringing you back to basics, so to speak.

I am not good with words. It seems to me like you are. Will your strategies still work for me?


In actuality, being good with words put women on the guard. It helps that the words you use are not as fancy as mine.

What's really important is that you have a truly deep understanding of yourself. The better you understand yourself, the easier it is for you to express your personality.

What you say does not have to be fancy, but it has to be authentic. Women pick up on that. Why do you think women always say just be yourself? But of course, we want to top that by being our best selves.

The exercises we included in Ace the Chase will also help you to understand yourself better, making it easier for you to express your awesomeness.

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