Discover How I Got a Midnight Tinder Date With This Simple Strategy

My mentor used to say, “… if you only had Leadership and Fun, you’ll still get laid.”

To give a little more context, he was referring to 2 of his 5 Pillars of an Attractive Man. Over the years, those words – amongst many of his – still ring true.

That’s part of the reasons why I decided to write this lesson. The other reasons were because in recent weeks, I’ve been compiling all the advice my two mentors have dished out in the past, and re-reading them has inspired me to write this down as a way of helping others learn better, in their journey to achieving their ideal dating lifestyle. It has definitely helped me for sure.

Tonight was also one of those times where I felt best exemplified the need for Quality Leadership and Unshakeability as part of who you are, if you wish to get the girl. Because there are women out there who will throw you plenty of obstacles, just to see how you react before they finally let you sleep with them.

Ivy (not her real name) is one of them.

So tonight, I was out with a buddy of mine, Johnny (also not his real name). He’s one of those who absolutely hates online dating, because it involves way too much typing. He’d much rather approach a girl on the street and try to sleep with her on that very same day. I didn’t really care about approaching, but it’s nice hanging out with him every now and then. It also gives me much amusement to see him approach and fail. Oops.

But Johnny was running late. I was left sitting on the sidewalk waiting. No big deal. I caught up on my messages and swiped a bit on Tinder. First few swipes in, I matched with Ivy. She was cute, the kind most guys will wanna date.

By now, I’m operating on automatic pilot – Quick Rapport right from the get-go.
My opener was in reference to her bio, in which she said:

Fickle-minded me wanna do everything, ended up doing nothing.

Within minutes of my message, Ivy replied.

And this… is your first lesson: If a woman replies on Friday/Saturday night, there’s that possibility she’s bored and looking to meet.

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