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Creating that profound emotional connection has never been easier.
Dear single man,

15 years ago, only about 200-300 men knew this secret.

Two reasons for that.

One, there was zero desire for us to share because it was working so well. We were killing it. Night after night, dating app after dating app, women we met felt like they related to us on a much deeper level than any other man have.

If you wanted to learn this back then, you had to pay for a 3-day coaching program valued at US$2,500. This was NOT available in any e-book or audio/video course.

Then there was bad timing. The man who taught this, retired. He got married to his soulmate, and didn't want to continue coaching. His coaches moved on too.

And so this framework came to exist only with those lucky enough to learn it.

Many of the students continued using it to date women of high quality, or found themselves a girlfriend/wife.

I am one of the lucky ones.

And it’s allowed me to create an amazing dating life for myself over the years. I’ve had the pleasure of being chased by women, wanting me for sex and more.

But don’t take my word for it. Here are some examples of women asking me out first, or wanting more after we’ve met:

That's the power of Quick Rapport.

The very same framework I used to meet countless women from online dating since breaking up with my ex of 5.5 years in 2021.

In fact, Quick Rapport helped me meet an FWB two weeks after my breakup. We dated for 6 months, before her work contract ended and she left for the UK.

Over the years, women have fallen in love with me because of it.

At one point, I was dating 3 women, scheduling dates into my calendar so I didn't forget.

Today, I’m in a very happy relationship with an amazing woman who’s smart and beautiful. She treats me like a king too.

I say this not to brag, but to highlight that I never need to fear being alone or single forever.

If that’s one of your deepest fears, then I’m here to tell you...

You don't have to be scared any more.

Here's how Quick Rapport has changed my life:

  1. I stopped feeling hopeless or helpless around women,

  2. My confidence increased with women,

  3. Women enjoy my company and want more than just friendship,

  4. No more waiting for months and years to meet someone attractive to have sex with,

  5. I found a partner to spend loving moments with during the holiday seasons,

  6. I no longer worried about being single forever.

You can have these results too. I say that with confidence, because I’m living proof.

I don't look like a Chad, and I'm not 6 feet tall. In fact, I'm only 5’7”.

I’m not rich either.

Heck, my girlfriend’s out of my league. It confuses every man on the streets when they see us. Lol.

I’m just a decent-looking guy who’s had more experience with women than the average man. That means YOU can do it too.

Imagine texting 7 women at the same time, who want more of your company.

Imagine women asking you out on a date instead.

Imagine she wants to see you again after the first date.

All that happened to me. Countless times.

Your life could be like mine. A life where you never need to worry ever again about finding love.

If it's so good, why are you sharing it?

I’ll admit… I wanted to gatekeep this secret.

It’s helped me — a skinny Asian kid — live out a dating life most men can only envy.

The 3somes, the multiple FWBs, the women hitting me up for sex, the girlfriends who turn heads on the street… I’ve achieved a dating life I didn’t dare imagine as a socially awkward 25-year-old.

And now I have a lovely girlfriend whom everyone is wondering how the f*** I won her over.

But I’m getting hounded by my female friends.

They are frustrated because they’ve met so many clueless men from dating apps, and most of their dates go nowhere.

And they tell me over and over again, “JIRON! You have to teach them what to do!

Even my girlfriend is highly encouraging me to share this.

She’s seen my Masterclass lesson, and she LOVES it. She believes men will do SO much better if they knew how to emotionally connect with women.

All that reminded me just how terrible I was with women 15 years ago. I was depressed and incredibly fearful about dying alone, and it’s a feeling I’d never wish upon my worst enemies.

So, I decided to open this up to the public, even if it’s for a while.

Here's a taste of what you'll learn in the Quick Rapport Masterclass…

I’ve spent the last 5 years researching on the top dating coaches, and none of them have a proven system for creating something women crave for and value so much — a profound shared bond with a man who truly understands her.

No one seems to give a shit on how to establish a genuine emotional connection with women.

Being in the Tinder era now means most dating coaches pay attention to “looksmaxxing”. Everyone’s only focused on creating attraction.

It’s strange, but also very true.

This is a gaping hole in the entire literature of dating advice for men. And yet, they don’t realize this is a huge problem.

That means you’re NOT going to find similar dating advice elsewhere.

I am the only person teaching this framework today, on how to build a fast and powerful emotional connection with a woman.

Because without an emotional connection, there's no chemistry. Without that, she won't want a relationship with you.

But today, you have the opportunity to be a select few in the world to use Quick Rapport to build that connection.

For 2 hours, in this intensive 1-on-1 Quick Rapport Masterclass, you’ll discover how to:

  1. Quickly bypass superficial conversation, so you can connect faster with her,

  2. Using your personality to make her feel like she can emotionally relate to you,

  3. Effortlessly show her your attractive personality, and make her desire for you,

  4. Make her want to reply to your messages and text more,

  5. Naturally create the feeling of having known each other forever using this 1 simple idiot-proof technique,

  6. Quickly discuss date plans after matching and have her agree to meet enthusiastically,

  7. Make her ask you out instead.
After the Masterclass, you'll also get 5 insanely HIGH QUALITY reports of some of my successful dates.

These reports show how you can go from matching on dating apps to being in bed with your matches. I also included a street approach in one report.

This exciting package details important foundational concepts that show you how to meet and attract women, and create an awesome dating lifestyle… using only online dating.

You will learn how to:

  1. Start your first message well on dating apps, so she wants to reply to you,

  2. Smoothly go from dating app to messaging app after getting her number,

  3. Create a good conversation that leads to a date effortlessly,

  4. Get a date smoothly without chasing her like the typical guy,

  5. Take the interaction beyond a date and get the relationship you want,

  6. Make her want you as a potential lover,

  7. Easily pass a woman’s test by adopting 1 simple mindset, making her MORE attracted to you,

  8. Make her think of sex with you without sexting,

  9. Sexualize the conversation without being creepy, and having her like it,

  10. Use my simple conversation structure to go from meet to bed for both online dating and real life.

Yes, I Want to Attend the Masterclass

Finally, you’ll be invited to a private Discord channel after the Masterclass, where you’ll receive highly-personalized support and join a like-minded community of students.

The Discord channel is the best place you can ever be at.

If you’re curious about how to meet a woman in a club or bar and take her home that same night, you can learn that in the channel.

If you want to learn how to approach women on the streets and turn them into your girlfriends, that’s the place to be.

If you wish to date 3 and more women at the same time, we'll show you how to do that.

We are also CONSTANTLY updating the channel with new lessons that will rapidly increase your success with women. All FREE for you.

And we have 2 dating coaches and 1 former international dating coach, who has helped thousands of men around the world achieve their dating goals so well… that most of his students moved on to focus on creating success in other parts of their lives.

The wealth of experience in there is so vast, any question you ask about dating can and will be answered.

But I don’t wanna brag. See it for yourself:

What Other Students Say

Click here to start right now.

But… this Masterclass is not for everyone.
Because Quick Rapport can dramatically enhance the quality of your dating life, I have to attach these un-negotiable terms and conditions before I let you in:

  1. 1. You must be open minded to try out new ideas. So you must be willing to test everything you learnt and put in the effort. No excuses why it can’t work for you.

  2. 2. You must not let your ego get in the way. If you think you know everything about dating or how women are, then this is not for you.

  3. 3. You CANNOT share this knowledge with anyone. As I’ve said, Quick Rapport is very powerful. It can make women fall head over heels in love with you. So I DO NOT intend to make this Masterclass available forever. I will take down this page once we hit 100 signups.

  4. 4. You cannot share the link to the Discord channel with anyone. The group is highly exclusive.

  5. 5. If you believe in the red/black pill philosophy, then this is not for you. I don’t want to teach Quick Rapport to someone who believes the worst in women, and refuses to acknowledge their good side. Over the years, I’ve noticed many red/black pillers secretly hate women, and that’s not a healthy mindset.

  6. 6. You must be ethical when using Quick Rapport. It must only be used to enhance your relationships with women, or your communication skills. You must NOT be using it to lie to women or “pump and dump”. The world has enough horrible people. Let’s do better together.

  7. 7. Lastly, you do NOT self-identify as a pickup artist. It’s perfectly fine if you’re in the “seduction community” and you’re seeking to become an attractive man, but I’ve observed many who self-identify as pickup artists tend to hold very stubborn beliefs in their knowledge and refuse to open their minds. For example, telling them they don’t need DHV stories, is usually met with protest.

You MUST accept these terms and conditions before signing up for the Masterclass.

Yes, I Want to Attend the Masterclass

If you agree to the above, here’s the deal…
Thousands of men used to pay at least US$2,500 for what I’m about to share with you.
I’ll break down this amount for you.

My private coaching program, which includes all the lessons above, is currently going for US$1,800.

My monthly support fee is already US$500.

The Discord channel with the FREE ongoing support — along with the constant release of dating strategies — is easily worth double of my monthly support fee.

That’s a very conservative estimate, because other dating coaches charge between US$3,000 to US$5,000 for their coaching packages.

What is this knowledge worth to you then?

Consider this:

When was the last time these happened to you?

  1. Getting a girl’s number within moments of texting,

  2. Meeting your Tinder match and going home with her the same night,

  3. Having women ask you for sex, because they weren’t satisfied with their partners,

  4. Dating 3 women shortly before becoming exclusive with one.

Sounds unreal?

What if you could gain these experiences and more?

Because everything above happened for me 3 weeks before I got into an exclusive relationship. Again, not to brag, but to highlight what you can possibly achieve.

You may be the type who just wants that 1 special lady, so the above does not apply.

But what if you don’t have to deal with countless rejections?

What if you don’t have to feel uncertainty every time you meet a woman?

What if you have the ability to make her like you?

To me, that’s priceless. The ability to make women you want desire for you… that’s worth US$5,000 easily.

But you don’t have to spend thousands. You can attend the Masterclass for only US$150 today.

That’s right.

Click here and join the Quick Rapport Masterclass for only US$150 today

There are no extra hidden charges.

In fact, I’m offering a 6-month money back guarantee. If you attended the Masterclass, learnt and applied the lessons earnestly and got zero dates… I will refund you. No questions asked.

I will also throw in a US$150 discount on ANY future products/coaching program of mine. There is no time limit on this discount.

To recap, this is what you're getting:

  1. A framework I’ve used successfully for 15 years to connect emotionally with women and become romantic partners with them,

  2. 5 insanely high quality reports detailing how I go from matching on dating apps to getting in bed with my matches,

  3. A conversation structure you can use for both online and in real life,

  4. Very strong personalized after-Masterclass support in the Discord channel,

  5. A community of like-minded men who are ready to help you succeed in your dating life,

  6. Continuous FREE updates on the Discord channel… of unbelievably effective dating strategies (e.g. meeting women in bars and clubs the intelligent way, building an attractive identity for yourself, Preconceived Attraction, and more),

  7. A US$150 discount on any future products/coaching program of mine.
Over the span of a month, this is going to cost you only…
US$5.00 per day
For the ability to turn your dating life around, that doesn’t seem too shabby at all.

These are secrets you will never find anywhere else. No other dating coach is teaching this.

And you even get a 6-month money back guarantee.

But of course, this ridiculously great offer DOES NOT last forever.

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t want this so easily available to the masses.

Can you imagine if you used Quick Rapport on a woman on Bumble, and she calls you out on it? That’s why I’m not sharing the framework with thousands of men. I’m limiting its availability.

So once we hit 100 signups, I’m taking down this page.

That way, the framework will not go viral.

So if you wanna be one of 100 men worldwide to learn the power of Quick Rapport, just click the link below right now:

Yes, I Want to Attend the Masterclass

I hope to see you on the other side. And I’m looking forward to helping you achieve dating success soon enough.

To a memorable dating life and more,