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Below are reviews of our flagship product, Ace the Chase, and grateful thanks from men who have used our online dating advice and enhanced their dating lives with it.
"I took a risk... and I must say that this book has been the best investment I made while trying to improve my social life. This book points out many things to you that you should really understand.

There are technical points and philosophies in this book, but as I read through the whole thing, I identify with the very first rule. There really are no rules... that being said, the techniques in here will definitely place you in a position where you can impress :)

The success after this book has been plenty and therefore, I would like to tell all the guys out there who are like me to BUY THIS BOOK. Once you read it, you will surely recommend it to those who need it."
"I think I was one of the first that Jiron taught. There wasn't any e-book then. All it took were several intense chats between us, with Jiron sharing his tips & experience, and me asking questions. Not long after, I scored my first date with a girl I met at a certain social networking site. What follows after that... I shall leave it to your imagination.

Subsequently, I went on to score more success with girls online. I must say it's not always smooth-sailing. I am hearing-impaired, and it affected my confidence with the ladies. But with the techniques, I am able to be honest about it, and still get them attracted.

When Jiron started writing his e-book, I was again one of the privileged few to give a review. Apart from more content and revelations, nothing has changed much from what he has taught me before. If anything, the book has reinforced what I know about dating. His book is very rich in content with several examples to help you understand.

So if you want to GET GOOD with your online dating, I strongly urge you to get Ace the Chase NOW."
"I took Jiron's advice on adding humour and playfulness and trying to customise each message. Immediately I got much more responses than previously and the replies were much more interested. I also followed his instructions on how to lead the conversation and to establish rapport. This allowed me to control the direction and flow of the conversation, and allowed me to spot the high points to get her number.

Jiron definitely knows what he is talking about. The mentality and tips towards women in the book is absolutely spot on. If anyone is serious about online dating, THIS is required reading."
"Thanks to Jiron, I have been able to meet more women through okcupid. The quality of women I have gone out with, has spiced up my dating life. I have women compliment my profile. Women whom I have messaged in 2017 and did not seem to bother about my then boring profile, began to take a keen interest in 2018. The best part of it all, after the first date, the women themselves would suggest to meet up with me the following week for a second date.

My most memorable was actually going out with this cute Malaysian Chinese air stewardess. We had a great time tasting tantalising curries and having great coffee. I am currently dating 2 women con-currently through okcupid, all thanks to the principles applied from Jiron's book."
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