Use the Affinity Method and...
Swipe Less, Date More
"I honestly think you're the best guy I've ever dated," — former FwB.

We can make this bold statement because our students have repeated their success over and over again.

They've matched with beautiful women on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. They've gotten dates and made women fall in both lust and love with them.

This is not the success of just 1 student, but many men around the world. From Netherlands to America, from Singapore to Australia, we’ve changed their lives forever.

We made success stories.

You can learn as well — how to overcome endless swiping and yet never getting any matches, by crafting a profile that makes women match and even message you first.

You can cruise effortlessly through your conversations and get dates, by using the Affinity Method. The very same method you will use on your first dates to have the woman going home with you, or wanting to see you again.

Online dating screenshots proof
Online dating screenshots proof

What You May Achieve with the Affinity Method
(Our students have done these)

  1. Getting a date for the first time from online dating, just simply by changing the way you message,

  2. Getting 5 dates in 7 days, 2 on the same day,

  3. Having your Tinder matches chase to meet you,

  4. Having women look forward to seeing you for a second date,

  5. Dating 3 women and more at once,

  6. Making women fall in love with you,

  7. Getting your first girlfriend,

  8. Finding yourself a very beautiful and exclusive girlfriend.
"I wish there was something like this when I started. It is incredibly helpful and you should continue with creating content."
"This would definitely be value for money. Could even sell this as a standalone."
Mr X.
"Just read your whole report. Fuck your text game is next level."
"Now we're cooking and we're discussing first date things already. All thanks to you, my man!"
Michael K.
"Man, I haven't finished reading, but it's good stuff. There isn't such material like it on the market. It deals in the practical, testable stuff. Guys can put it to good use right away."
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Introduction to Affinity Method
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