Foreshadowing — The Art of Getting Dates


Get her to imagine what it feels like to go on a date with you.

Use her imagination to help you as well.

Paint pictures in her mind with your words.

Use Foreshadowing to lead the conversation.

See examples!

If you’ve not read the article on Quick Rapport yet, then please do so before reading this one. It’s a prerequisite.

So right after you get Quick Rapport with your match, you want to move the conversation towards Foreshadowing.

But what is Foreshadowing?

At its most basic, it’s about leading her towards imagining a future with you.

We want to do that because we want to make 3 things happen:

  1. lead the conversation,
  2. let her know what it looks and feels like being with you,
  3. have a natural transition from the good vibe you’ve created with Quick Rapport.

Now, Foreshadowing can be used in many different contexts. For example, letting her imagine what being on a date with you looks like.

Or being in a romantic relationship.

Or… what sex will be like with you.

But for the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on getting the first date through the use of good foreshadows. So she can get a sense of what meeting you would feel like, and thus, be open to the idea when you finally propose it.

Let’s look at some examples.

In this first example, I made a suggestion about the activities we can go for (1st black box).

She contributed, which always helps. Because if a woman contributes to date ideas, that means she’s helping us think of solutions. We use that to lead towards creating imagery in her mind.

For this situation, I decided to be playful and created a fun image of us stuffing our faces with food on our food hunt. After that, I made another suggestion that we should walk it off.

The subtle implication there’s more is my way of saying the date is not just about food. It’s open-ended, so her mind is free to imagine what might happen.

Pro-tip: You don’t need to paint a picture all the time. Let her imagination work itself. It’s more powerful than anything you can ever say.

This example should paint a clearer picture for you.

I am painting very specific imagery with this:

“… feel free to throw all the extra food over!”

“Everyone will think we’re gluttons”

“Let’s do the same with desserts”

And she’s playing along as well when she said, “I’ll order alot of food. Everything have a few bites n u can finish the rest.”

It’s always a good thing when the woman helps create her own imagery as you are foreshadowing how the date will go.

This 3rd example is a lot more subtle. Because I’m trying to get her imagination to work on its own.

Instead of telling her what we could do on our first date, I’m making suggestions.

First, I propose we might explore Singapore for food (see 1st box). Then I pivot to the suggestion that maybe we could dance.

Without openly describing us hitting the dancefloor, I said, “my body moves automatically whenever I hear good music” (see 2nd box).

Then, I tell her I like dancing with a partner. If she’s interested in that idea, she can imagine we’re the ones dancing together.

Of course, I will want to create that image in her mind later on as well. But this is a good way to start the foreshadowing process.

Same thing is happening here.

I’m describing the joy of finding a new place or food to share with my friends, and this is something everyone can relate to (see 1st orange box).

Then I talked about the possibility of discovering a nice spot together, which will become our secret (a.k.a building togetherness).

Instead of creating that image in her mind though, I suggested our conversations in person “won’t lack substance” (see 3rd box).

While having visual descriptions is always better, I don’t wanna type lengthy messages all the time. So, I let her imagination work itself.

She clearly liked it, because she went along with the idea and gave me her Telegram.

I mentioned earlier you should foreshadow after you get Quick Rapport with your match.

But in this last example, I used it as my opener instead (see 1st box).

Here’s the thing. There are no hard and fast rules. You can foreshadow right from the beginning, and if it works, you keep leading and progressing the conversation. If it doesn’t, just take a step back.

But Quick Rapport is still necessary. So the process is not linear; it’s very much cyclical. Meaning, Quick Rapport and Foreshadowing are both essential. They can be used any time, but they need to be part of your conversation game.

Going back to the example, it helped she responded enthusiastically, giving me more to work with.

I stacked the foreshadowing with another, suggesting we can make each other look great in our photos. Then I led the conversation forward.

She agreed, and I created another image by saying, “Why disagree when we can agree repeatedly over desserts or wine?”.  It’s a very simple image, nothing too elaborate. I can always create more specific images later.

And it worked. She gave her number in the screenshot after this, and we met a few days later.

Final Words:

For a start, you want to keep things simple.

Don’t build elaborate imagery unless you can keep it short. You can do the elaborate stuff later as you get better at Foreshadowing.

The point is to simply get the date.

Don’t get me wrong. You can still get the date without Foreshadowing. All you need to do is propose a coffee date/walk, and if she likes you, she’ll agree.

But Foreshadowing helps because it allows you to transition very smoothly from having that easy connection with her to having ideas/a plan for a date, then progressing to either getting the number or the date itself.

It’s also a better way of leading the conversation, because it’s more progressive. Most importantly, it allows you to create images in her mind. You want to engage her senses.

Since she cannot read your body language while on the app, the next better option is to engage her mind and emotions.

When you can do that effectively, you’re almost guaranteed a date.

Jiron is the head coach at Authentic Gentleman, but he often tells women he's paid to help the elderly cross the street safely.
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