About The Authentic Gentleman

Hi, I’m Jiron. I am the founder of The Authentic Gentleman, a company devoted to helping the single man date women from online dating apps easily and simply, and give him the ability to choose the love life he deserves.

I am also the creator of the Affinity Method, a unique approach to dating that combines 3 components — a natural conversation system, awareness development and positive dating mindsets — to achieve a quality dating lifestyle.

This method can also be used for meeting and attracting women in real life.

But I was not always successful with women. For 27 years, I was utterly clueless with them. And for the longest time, I was terrified and frustrated.

Terrified because I genuinely believed I was going to be single and lonely forever.

Frustrated because I craved desperately for women to like me, but it was just a heart-breaking series of flaking, ghosting, and friendzoning.

So I created The Authentic Gentleman.

But am I the right person you go to for help with women?

For many of you, the answer is NO.

2 reasons I’m NOT the right person to help you.

If you're looking for fast answers to your dating problems, I don’t want to help you.

Listen, I get it. Everyone loves the magic pill that makes our problems go away. But life has hardly ever worked that way.

When I first learnt about dating advice, I was promised I could attract the hottest women simply by saying the right things. That turned out to be very false.

According to the latest science research, it takes 66 days to form a habit.

So if you’re changing the way you talk to women, that's 2 months before the changes become natural.

Same for everything new you learn in life.

That means if you cannot commit the time and discipline to making positive changes, this ain’t gonna work.

If you believe women are the problem, you’re not going to enjoy my stuff.

Let’s get some things straight.

Are there women who are picky and have unrealistic expectations? Absolutely.

Are there women who only want the top 1% of men, even though they aren't high quality themselves? Hell yes.

Are there women who want the princess treatment, when they have nothing to offer? Of course.

But I also believe that as men, we focus on becoming the best version of ourselves. So when the right women come along, we can offer our best while they do the same.

There are still plenty of quality women out there. You can still meet someone great, but first, you have to put in the effort because X = X. You attract who you are.

"I am hearing impaired, and it affected my confidence with women. But with Jiron’s help, I am able to be honest about my condition and still get women attracted."
"The only bad thing about what Jiron taught me was that my phone battery went out twice as fast due to constant chatting with women on dating apps!"
"I took Jiron’s advice on adding humour and playfulness to my messages. Immediately, I got much more responses. I also followed his instructions on leading the conversation, and that helped me spot the moments to get the girl’s number. Jiron definitely knows what he's talking about."
"I must say this has been the best investment I made to improve my dating life. The techniques will definitely place you in a position where you can impress. Many thanks to Jiron for actually caring enough to help his fellow men out there. Kudos!"
"Words cannot describe how much Jiron has helped me. I didn’t know what I was doing, and I didn’t know why girls wouldn’t reply to me. Fast forward 3 months and now, I am able to meet more girls online than I can ever imagine. Thanks for spreading your knowledge, bro."
"My most memorable was actually going out with this cute Malaysian Chinese air stewardess. We had a great time tasting tantalizing curries and having great coffee. I am currently dating 2 women through Bumble, all thanks to the principles I learnt. Thank you, Master Jiron."

How can I change your dating life then?

My main focus is to help you navigate online dating apps with ease, and date the type of women you desire.

This is NOT like pickup artistry (PUA), who creep women out more often than they realize.

Instead, I merely show you what man and woman have been doing naturally and successfully with each other for millennia. Technology may have added a different element into our dating lives, but the way we flirt, emotionally connect, and attract each other has not changed at all.

I also focus on making you more attractive and desirable to women.

I do this by helping you highlight your best qualities, and give you the roadmap to creating version 2.0 of yourself… so that when you show interest in women, they recognize your value and reciprocate your interest instead.

What you can expect from me

  • Dating strategies you can use right away on your dating apps and interactions with women. They are available for free on the blog.
  • Blatant sales pitches

I am telling you this because I want to be upfront with you. As much as I love helping people for free, the time taken to design the courses and content is not.

However, you will still gain plenty of value from the free content. Value that you can use on your dating apps (or even in real life) and see success with. And that is before I even sell you anything.

My rationale here is simple. If my free content brought you success with women, you will naturally see value in my paid stuff.

Simple as that.


How do you know if my stuff is good?

The easiest way to find out… is download my free ebook and learn about the Affinity Method right now.

Apply whatever you’ve learnt.

I am confident you’ll see a positive difference. Because I use the same strategies in the free ebook to coach my students and help them achieve success in their romantic lives.

And for some, they are having women interested and chasing them for the first time ever.

Online dating coaching testimonial

Anyway, here’s a little bit more about me:

I started meeting women online as far back as 2001, when I was still a virgin. Lol.

At that time, it was text-based chatting with MIRC. Then Okcupid came along. I was completely clueless. But I was also a nerd who was willing to experiment.

There was no one who could help then. Not even Reddit.

Sure, I got dates, and some women interested in me. But I was still getting ghosted and friendzoned all the time.

And if a woman was interested, I wouldn’t know because I sucked at recognizing her hints and signals. I failed with a couple of women who were totally my type, because I didn’t know how to take the relationship further.

But in 2009, I found a mentor who was VERY good with women. And for the next 4-5 years, I went through a “player phase”.

At one point, I was messaging and dating as many as 7 women.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve dated women from all over the world. Singaporean, Malaysian, Hongkonger, Taiwanese, British, American, Polish, Ukrainian, Brazilian… just to name a few.

Online dating coaching testimonial

My girlfriend turns heads wherever she goes… and other men often wonder what the hell she’s doing with me.

I’ve also helped students from around the world — of all cultures — and many have moved on to find themselves a long-term girlfriend. Some are in their “player phase” and are absolutely enjoying the freedom of choice.

I’m able to do that because the experience I’ve earned is invaluable.

That’s what I’m offering you today.

Here's your next step:

Read some of my blog posts.

If you like it, sign up with your email to download the Affinity Method. Consume all the content.

If it helps you date more women, consider buying my stuff when I make you an offer.

That’s it!

Thanks for taking the time out to read this. Let’s get right to achieving your dreams.

To your best dating life,