10 Types of Women to Avoid on Dating Apps

Gentlemen! Most of the time, I like to write about solutions — better mindsets to adopt, strategies to communicate better, different perspectives to consider. But we also have to recognise we can only do so much.

Because you can be the most attractive man in the world, and you’ll still get haters. This is something we cannot control.

Not every woman will have a good impression of you.

Not every woman wants to connect with you.

Likewise, you don’t want to engage every type of woman. Plenty are simply not suitable for you.

So for the sake of your own time, effort and sanity, I’ve come up with a list of the women you should avoid on dating apps.

Over the years, I’ve interacted with every one of these types of women and realized they are ultimately… time wasters.

You may turn things around and get them interested. But it’s gonna take a lot of patience.

And if you’re new to this journey of becoming an attractive man, my suggestion is to focus on women who are actually sincere about finding someone.

First up, we have the…

“Not on dating app often”. Tells you to add her on Insta instead

If she leaves her Insta on the dating app, she’s likely only looking for followers and doesn’t care about meeting anyone romantically.

You’re just part of a nice little farm she grows to boost her ego. To have plenty of eyes giving her attention.

And when you send her a message, she replies with the most minimal effort… that means she’s looking for followers only.

(But on your part, if your Instagram isn’t up to scratch… if it doesn’t make you look good, then you shouldn’t expect replies either.)

Second on the list is…

Tells you she’s a “bad texter”

She isn’t. If she’s truly interested, she will be initiating and helping you keep the conversation going. Why you should avoid the “bad texters” is because they use that as an excuse to disappear anytime.

These women are likely to be ghosting plenty of men.

And looking for you only when she wants attention.

Don’t waste your time. If she has to prepare an excuse before even matching with anyone, then it means she isn’t interested in finding a date.

Doesn’t contribute to the conversation

She replies with the typical “lol”, “haha”, “yes”, “no”, “I don’t know” or whatever uses the least effort on her part.

Women like that don’t want to know you. She just answers what you ask, and wants you to impress her first.

But she does not understand communication is a 2-way street.

If your texting skills are on a good level, you can turn it around. I’ve done that many times.

But if you want to save your effort, just un-match her right away.

Wants wine and dine on the first date

There’s nothing wrong with a lady who believes in wine and dine. It can be a very lovely evening date. I love doing that as well, but not on the first date.

Very simply because I’ve met passive aggressive women who think it’s okay to be antagonistic, and I end up sitting through an agonizing hour with her.

Even if you go Dutch, half the bill is still on you and that time can never be bought back.

So… if you offer her an alternative (I tend to do desserts so either of us can leave if we’re not interested)… and she says no, then it’s time for you to find someone else.

If she insists on a wine and dine, imagine how uncompromising she’d be on future dates.

You want someone who’s a team-player, not someone who seeks to win on her own.

Tells you she’s very picky

Her profile bio will usually hint at this.

It comes in the form of a long list of wants and do-not-wants.

Such women love playing hard to get.

She wants to feel special, and she puts herself on a pedestal. The self entitlement we’re seeing in the world today, she definitely has it.

Walk. Away.

Wants a man to take care of her, but doesn’t do the same

Again, a woman who doesn’t believe in teamwork is not the type of woman you want as a partner.

She’s likely an energy vampire, and she only wants to take from you.

Women like that love playing the traditional role in a relationship, when it suits her.

But if you ask her to make you a sandwich, she’ll likely tell you she’s not your bitch.

Take the lead from Anthony Mackie. He’s 100% right on this:

She’s jaded about dating

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a woman like that.

I’ve encountered a lot of men who are very jaded about dating and relationships as well.

Especially if you’ve been using dating apps for a long time, and have met women who just keep ghosting and rejecting you.

But the problem with a woman like that is… she’s so jaded she’s become close-minded about men.

As a result, she’s more likely to judge you harshly on your words.

It’s usually not worth your effort to change her mind, if she misunderstands your words and insists she’s right.

So once again, just walk away.

Her life’s a mess.

She could be incredibly nice. She could be a really lovely girl worth having in your life.

But if she’s in crazy debt, if she’s going through a really rough time in life… it’s just not helpful for your interaction with her.

You’re likely to have to work harder just to engage her and keep the good vibes going.

She’s likely not going to respond well to you half the time, even though it’s her circumstances that’s making her feel like crap.

You can’t save her. Her life is not your problem to solve either.

You’re better off finding someone who has lesser issues, and is more ready to meet someone romantically.

Thinks she’s overly precious / special

Similar to the women who are picky, she puts herself on a pedestal.

She wants you to chase and show your “sincerity”.

Which doesn’t quite make sense. Why would anyone make the extra effort for a stranger on the Internet?

And this usually manifests in the language she uses when addressing herself — Queen, Princess, Boss Bitch, Boss Babe.

Just simply… no.

Lastly, we come to the…

Overly sensitive type

She gets offended very easily.

Talking to her feels like you’re walking on egg shells all the time. One wrong step, and she’s giving you a piece of her mind. Another wrong step… and you’re blocked.

It doesn’t even matter if you make an innocent joke.

So long as you say something that rubs her the wrong way, you’re getting a lecture.

Or… out of the blue, she’ll become passive aggressive. She will say she isn’t upset, but 100% you know she is.

Again, save your sanity and unmatch. Or delete her number. Whatever gets you far away from her, just do that.

My final words…

I hope this list helps you identify what type of women you should stay away from in general, not just on dating apps.

I know it may seem harsh, and we should all strive not to judge anyone too quickly, but… your time and effort (and sanity) are too precious to waste on those who don’t believe in playing along with you.

Be only with women who believe in cooperation and teamwork. There are plenty of them.

I’ve had the good fortune of meeting so many of them over the years. So I know for sure they’ll show up in your life.

And I hope this article helps you to filter them out more effectively, as you continue searching for that lovely lady who will value you for who you are.

Jiron is the head coach at Authentic Gentleman, but he often tells women he's paid to help the elderly cross the street safely.
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